Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Fonética en español

Letras Extras

Ch - chay
LL  eh-yay
Rr air-ray

Las Vocales
Ah - A
ay - E
ee - I
oh - O
uu - U

ba   be bi bo bu
c  two sounds:    ciudad (city)    carro (car)
cha che chi cho chu
da de di do du
fa    fe fi    fo fu
g  two sounds:   gigante like giant vs gato like cat
h - totally silent so jus tsay the vowels   ha he hi ho hu
j hota  ja je ji jo ju
lla lle lli llo llu  - ya ye yi yo yu

hesitate  with em, or este (like um or ah)

R - long rolled Rs
coro (choir)  va corro (fun)
caro (expensive) vs carro (car)

T - keep it short
tigre, tesoro, atar, 

Spanish D is like TH
day is sound dormir, dego, dulce

more like el lay
luz, leer, alarma, colegio, clase, ligero

Word Confusion

ser (unchangable & identity)  vs estar (temporary)  - location and mood

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